Kumpula is a lively city district next to Pasila. Originally, Kumpula was an old village name that was already used in writings in 1460. Today, Kumpula is a vibrant and welcoming community with a resident-centric approach and a strong sense of community effort. Kumpula Village festival, held every second year, is the oldest city district festival in Helsinki and an excellent example of communal work.

For a long time, Pasila has been known as a hub of transport, administration and media, and Pasila already had a significant role in the urban landscape more than a hundred years ago. At the time, the area was a busy agricultural centre. As Helsinki kept growing, the rental plots in the centre could no longer house the growing population, so the farm owners in Pasila started to rent out plots of their land. Perhaps due to these rural, small town roots, Pasila is characterised by a strong community spirit and a village atmosphere that have remained up to these days.


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