The name "Alexander" has a special ring to it. After all, it was the name of no fewer than three rulers of Finland. The theatre built near the leafy Bulevardi boulevard bears the name of Alexander the Second. Its interior is a sight to behold. Our bistro is also named after this important historical figure. Its windows provide a view of Lönnrotinkatu, the street named after Elias Lönnrot, the compiler of the Finnish national epic The Kalevala. Lönnrot was also a master.

This has always been a place of important happenings. When the Prohibition Act expired on 5 April 1932, the first business premises of the city to serve alcohol was opened here. Today, near to Bistro Aleksanteri, new creativity flourishes against the backdrop of this eventful history. People in the creative industry meet naturally in the lobby of Bistro Aleksanteri. Here, anyone can take a moment to develop new ideas or just take it easy.

Our masters meet people like themselves here, from near and far. This is where people from the whole block meet. Here you can see and experience something exceptionally beautiful.

Welcome to experience it for yourself. With our masters, at Bistro Aleksanteri.

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Atmosphere (4.2)