Radisson Blu Marina Palace Meetings

Versatile meeting rooms

Are you looking for a lecture hall where a larger group can enjoy a conference? Or perhaps smaller, binary session rooms to brain storm in?

Here at Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel we know that organizing meetings and events is a time-consuming job. We also know that our customer's schedules are busy and that carrying responsibility over big congresses can take a toll on anyone. We want to help ease your burden by offering you the perfect meeting spaces in a full service hotel.

Our well-trained and proficient staff can make even the smallest wishes come true and we're there for you right from the get go to help you plan the conference days and evening parties. Our meeting department hosts a space big enough to fit up to 300 attendees in the same lecture hall and boasts an exhibition space that allows for your guests to enjoy their coffee whilst getting to know your fields up and coming trends.

If this doesn't make your meeting easy enough - how about this; the airport is only 9 km from the hotel and the ferries from Sweden takes your guests to our door step in the blink of an eye. The newly remodled hotel rooms allows for the meeting attendees to get to their lecture without the hustle of transport and also lets them get the well needed rest to be able to focus during important meetings.

When you arrive at Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel you can leave your worries behdind you. Our staff will provide the location, the food and drink and do it all with a "Yes I Can"-attitude and 100% satisfaction guaranteed.