Unforgettable moments

Meaningful experiences that stimulate all the senses and feelings, leaving permanent memories are very easy to find in Lapland. Unique weather conditions and the power of nature make the senses much more sensitive to stimulation. This means that you can obtain your meaningful experiences by simply traversing nature and exploring Lapland's diverse culture and sights.

Eight Seasons: The changing of the seasons in Lapland is dramatic and distinctly noticeable. Lapland's main seasons are spring, summer, autumn, and winter that lasts for around half a year. Wintertime also includes the twilight period that lasts a few months; a time when there is no real daylight as the sun stays below the horizon.

Lapland can also be described as the land of 8 seasons: Christmas (deep winter), Frosty Winter (late winter), Crusty Snow (spring),  Departure of Ice  ( early summer), Midnigt Sun (summer), Harvest Season (late summer), Colourful Autumn (autumn), First Snow (early winter). In the north we live in firm connection with the nature and also the changing seasons bring remarkable changes also into people's daily routines. More information www.lappi.fi