talven juhlat

Three kinds of winter celebration

The Christmas party season is just about to start. Too many to choose from? Whether you appreciate discrete stylishness, full relaxation or wild partying, the party paths designed by Raflaamo make sure that your evening party is well planned.


If you are looking for refined partying with classic style, you should invest in the winter partying season with pure tastes and a welcoming atmosphere in a place with excellent service. 

How to begin the evening What would raise the festive spirit more than a drink prepared with skill or a glass of cold sparkling wine? Enjoy a classic drink at Torni's Ateljee Bar over the rooftops of Helsinki, open a bottle of sparkling wine at Bacaro Doppio in Oulu, or test the house wines at Bar & Bistro Seurahuone in Lahti.

How to fill your stomach Enjoying a high-quality dinner in the company of people who are close to you makes your evening sublime and creates closeness in the group. Find your way to Kappeli or Loiste in Helsinki to enjoy great architecture and their high-class menus, or try the restaurant Frans & les Femmes in the town where you live. 

How to crown the evening Wear your party gown with sequins, put on your dancing shoes and head for a nightclub! Rule the dance floor at Börs in Turku, party at Bra2 in Jyväskylä, or enjoy the feeling at the Le Roy club in Helsinki till the early morning.


You don't have to wear a little black dress or a suit to every winter celebration. If you want to spend your evening party in a relaxed atmosphere just enjoying being together, make sure that you have a good selection of drinks, the seats are comfortable and the background music lively. 

How to begin the evening The craft beer trend has brought a variety of beers for every taste to many restaurants.  Enjoy a cold beer at Belge in Helsinki, test the hopinator – a beer tap that infuses the beer with extra flavour – at Wilhelm in Mikkeli, or take part in a pool competition at Bar Edison in Turku

How to fill your stomach If you want tasty, unpretentious food, choose a restaurant that serves simple and uncomplicated nourishment. Grab a sizzling burger at Ehta in Kuopio, fill yourself with the favourite dishes of famous rock musicians at Paja Bar in Tampere, or munch on Tex-Mex delicacies at Amarillo

How to crown the evening A real rocker and music lover must finish the evening in a place with live music. Attend a great gig at Virgin Oil Co. in Helsinki, sing karaoke at Freetime in Jyväskylä, or participate in an open mic session at Soul Bar Piano in Lappeenranta.


People who love action will not find the evening boring if you include enough things to do in the programme.

How to begin the evening Right from the beginning, stop being rigid and ceremonial, raise the speed and start the evening with a playful game with your friends. Test the curling room at Sports Academy, bowl at Players in Kotka, or excel in billiards at Bar Play in Joensuu

How to fill your stomach Even if you need entertainment during the meal, you don't have to be unsatisfied with the quality of the food. S Group sports bars offer something to do alongside the eating for even the most hardened sports fan.  Taste the hot wings at Sports Academy in Helsinki, try the American-style food at Sport It in Oulu, or enjoy finger food at Birra in Lappeenranta – and watch the best games on enormous screens at the same time.

How to crown the evening Get rid of the last remnants of formality and enjoy a sauna with friends. S Group restaurants offer sauna facilities for groups large and small. Gather a group of friends and test the steam in a luxury sauna for 12 persons at Sports Academy, make a reservation to enjoy the heat at Papa Albert in Helsinki, or let the steam off at Winston in Pori.