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Things to do at Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti

Everything but boring at Break Sokos Hotel Vuokatti!
Our hotel and cottage area and Särkinen's beach area offers for your vacation varied things to do. Our central location assures that you have all the Vuokatti's services near and easily to find.
Following services are purchasable from our reception: 
  • Tickets to Vuokatti's swimming bath 6,50 € / adult, 3,60 € / children 7-15 years old
  • Tickets to Holiday Club Katinkulta Spa 15 € / adult and 12 € / child. Children under 4 year olds for free.
  • Tickets to Vuokatti's Super Park 17 € / person
  • Hovi's private sauna 180 € / night, price includes towels

Vuokatti Adventure Park opens in May, reservations

Bowl Circus Vuokatti offers you regular bowling and also glow bowling and snooker.

Vuokatti Safaris organize all year round week programs. You can go and explore husky farm, snowshoe safari and also try Rib -boating.