Theme room: The story of Pori ice hockey

Pori is known in Finland for its unique local mentality, ice hockey and passionate sports fandom. People here like their sports fast and furious, and recount stories of games, successes, devotion and the Pori mentality.

This love of Pori ice hockey resides in our theme room. It showcases all the local teams past and present, from RU-38 to Porin Karhut and Porin Ässät – our pride and joy.

In our theme room, you can take a photo with the Vaakunanpoika trophy and check its engravings for the Ässät team's ranking in the league in 1986. Jari "Japa" Levonen, a local hockey icon, both as a referee and player, curtly points guests in the direction of the shower. In case things get heated, the room obviously also features a penalty box.

With a double bed and a pull-out couch, the room comfortably fits four people.

Come and experience the ambience of a major sports event!

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