The Story of Oscar

The history of Oscar Pub & Grill dates back to the end of the 19th century. Did you knew this about Oscars history?

With a prime location in Turku, Hamburger Börs has long been known for serving excellent food. Its very start can be attributed to the industrious office clerk Oscar Waldemar Aspelund, who opened Hamburger Bierhalle in 1895. In the peaceful atmosphere of the late 19th century, people enjoyed dishes like blinis with caviar, or crayfish pie and capon. The speciality of the (at the time only 23-year-old) restaurateur was becfigues, small birds eaten as a delicacy.


In other words, it is clear that Hamburger Börs has always been one step ahead when it comes to pleasing the palate of the gentry.In tune with his time, Oscar concluded that gentlemen and ladies also needed to relax and enjoy life from time to time. "In wine there is wisdom", he thought, and he applied for a licence. To the young restaurateur's mind, it was only logical to serve wine and spirits, as some people were unable to drink malted beverages for health reasons. The licence was granted the same year.


Good company and a carefree atmosphere enhanced the taste of the barrelled wines, exclusive bottled wines and various kinds of punch. In the Bierhalle at Hamburger Börs, you never

had to look for company, and Oscar was also frequently seen talking to the patrons. This tradition of enjoyment is unbroken at Hamburger Börs even today.

Source: History of Börs; Professor Toivo T. Rinne, director of Turku Provincial Museum


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Oscar Pub & Grill

Original Sokos Hotel Hamburger Börs
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