The only opera house in the world named after a country

The only opera house in the world named after a country in Tallinn

There are thousands of reasons to visit Estonia. About a hundred of them can be found in the colourful rooms of Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, Estonia's design and storytelling hotel.

Did you know that the world's only opera house that bears the name of a country, the Estonia theatre, was constructed using money collected by the song and drama society "Estonia"? The opera house was designed by Finnish architects Armas Lindgren and Wivi Lönn and completed in 1913. The cornerstone of Estonia was laid in complete silence because the Governor responsible for Russification prohibited speeches in Estonian.

From the colourful history of the building, it is known that the first championships in weightlifting reformed under the aegis of Fédération Internationale Haltérophile (FIH) were held in 1922 on the stage of the Estonia theatre. Out of the five world champions of different weight classes, three were Estonians.

Today, the Estonian National Opera, the Estonian National Ballet and the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra operate in the building. Over 200,000 visitors visit the building each year. The audience favourite and most expensive Estonian National Opera ballet of the, Cranko's Onegin is once again being staged alongside other performances in May and June. The new season starts on 15 August with performances of Jerry Bock's popular musical Fiddler on the Roof. From 17 to 26 November, the Estonian National Opera will be giving guest performances in Finland as part of the Estonia and Finland 200 festival. With this season full of enticing performances, come and celebrate the year of such significant milestones at the Estonian National Opera, and discover accommodation in its neighbouring house – Hotel Estoria, Estonia's design and storytelling hotel.


Estonian National Opera 2017/2018 season