The first hotel in Estonia to receive the Friend of Fairtrade title

Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, the design and storytelling hotel in Estonia, is the first hotel in Estonia to be adopted by the Fairtrade Society of Friends. The worthy recognition was presented to the hotel on 11 May at the recognition ceremony held in our hotel.

At Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, we wish to contribute to the equal development of the world; we are the pioneer and the inspirer. Fairtrade products await our guests in the hotel rooms and in the cosy coffee lounges on each floor. In the course of a year, our hotel guests use a total of 50,000 different Fairtrade products, including shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, lotion and Fairtrade tea.

The official Fairtrade-labelled products first reached Estonia about 10 years ago. During the opening week at that time, people were given the opportunity to taste the coffee, tea, sweets and chocolate in the Food Department of Tallinna Kaubamaja. Films were shown and the little-known principles of Fairtrade were introduced to the general public. Now, 10 years on, 20% of people in Estonia are familiar with the mark and 11% prefer to buy Fairtrade-marked products. The Friend of Fairtrade title has been awarded today to a total of 48 businesses. By supporting Fairtrade, we are buying a better future and directly contributing to the economy and society of developing countries.

MTÜ Mondo gives out the Friend of Fairtrade title. We are sincerely grateful for the respectful title and will wear it with dignity. A big thank you!


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