Tapas at Torero

Tapas at Torero:


Green salad and Torero's herb oil M, G

Tomatoes and halloum L,G

Serrano ham and cantaloupe melon M,G

Chorizo-potato salad L,G

Lemon marinated shrimp salad L,G

Torero's olives M,G

Manchegopincho with bacon compote L

Vendace pincho L

Goat's cheese pinho and pepper compote L

Turkey pincho and chimichurri L

House bread and herb spread L


Patatas bravas L,G

Chorizo meat balls, sausage and aioli L,G

Smoked pepper vegetable balls and yogurt sauce spiced with thyme L,G

Spanish style potato omelette M,G

Pork paella M,G


Crema catalana L,G

Orange and chocolate cake and berry melba LL

Coffee / Tea


Torero's tapas also includes an alcohol-free fruit drink