Styles of arts and architecture at Torni Helsinki – Jugend

Presenting the different styles of arts and architecture at Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Helsinki – Jugend

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Helsinki represents three different styles of arts and architecture. The "Kyllikki" rooms have been decorated following the style of Art Nouveau popular at the beginning of the 1900s, while the actual Torni rooms represent the style of Art Deco from the 1930s. In addition, the topmost Torni rooms on floors 8–11 are modern scenic rooms. The interior design of the rooms is the work of Pirkko-Liisa Topelius.

Nearly every room is unique – no two rooms are completely identical. The colours, shapes and furniture of the rooms vary according to the floor and style. Every room also features art from monthly changing exhibitions of Ateljée Bar. In some rooms, entire walls are covered with art.

Jugend (art nouveau)

Kyllikki, an annex built in 1903 and connected to the main hotel building in the 1980s, is a former residential building and home to a family of nine. It is the product of romantic nationalism and the spirit of Kalevala, and it was designed by architects Werner Polo and Georg Wasastjerna.

When you walk from Torni to Kyllikki, you will also go back in time. The shift in time is painted in the terracotta corridor connecting the two buildings. The interior design of Kyllikki has been persistently led in its current direction since 1995. Furniture and lights follow the style of Art Nouveau and romantic nationalism. Kyllikki suites features House Collection and Huvila furniture designed by Eliel Saarinen. All office chairs in the building are also designed by Saarinen.


Bed spreads in basic rooms have been made from traditional English Liberty fabrics. Art Nouveau fabrics from Austria have been used in Art Nouveau suites. Velvet curtains also represent the Art Nouveau solutions. Chandeliers in Art Nouveau suites are originals from the era and the beautiful spherical lights suspended from chains in basic rooms are designed by W. Brand. Bath tubs in all Art Nouveau rooms equipped with a tub are traditional freestanding tubs.


All walls in Kyllikki rooms feature hand-painted decorations following the nature motifs of the building. You may even meet a squirrel enjoying an acorn behind a curtain. In the entire building, colours start from those typical to the era, following the tones of dark red and forest green.


Ornaments and decorations in the facade and staircases were photographed and examined during the most recent modernisation in 2006. This means that the selected plant motifs in the wallpaper borders and textiles of rooms and in the decorative paintings of suites originate from the building and its history.

Art Nouveau, jugend, rooms are available in room types Solo Single, Solo Queen, Solo King, Solo Up King and Jugend Suite. Some rooms are equipped with a fitted carpet and bath tub.
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