Styles of arts and architecture at Torni Helsinki – Art Deco

Presenting the different styles of arts and architecture at Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Helsinki – Art Deco

Solo Sokos Hotel Torni Helsinki represents three different styles of arts and architecture. The "Kyllikki" rooms have been decorated following the style of Art Nouveau popular at the beginning of the 1900s, while the actual Torni rooms represent the style of Art Deco from the 1930s. In addition, the topmost Torni rooms on floors 8–11 are modern scenic rooms. The interior design of the rooms is the work of Pirkko-Liisa Topelius.

Nearly every room is unique – no two rooms are completely identical. The colours, shapes and furniture of the rooms vary according to the floor and style. Every room also features art from monthly changing exhibitions of Ateljée Bar. In some rooms, entire walls are covered with art.

Art Deco

The building year is reflected in the interior design of the hotel, and the decoration has been influenced by functionalism and Art Deco. Then again, suprematism, the art movement of the era when the hotel was built, is the natural starting point for the interior design of the hotel where art is ever present.

The heritage of Art Deco lives in the hotel's corridors, particularly in their carpets. The five carpet colours, terracotta, yellow, light grey, graphite and black, are present on every floor, lightening to white on the topmost floor and to light blue on the ceiling. Because the corridor carpets represent Art Deco, bathrooms are fully built around Red Square, a work of art by Kazimir Malevich, the creator of suprematism, depicting a French country woman and her suffering.



Today, Torni represents the spirit of functionalism and Art Deco. This spirit is important at all times and in all spaces, and Torni aims to create a balance between old and new. Torni has never been intended as a museum, even though it has been frequently engaged in cooperation with the Helsinki City Museum.



Art Deco is also present in room types Solo Single, Solo Queen, Art Deco Suite and Solo Up Queen and King which also offer an option for an extra bed. Book your room now!