SprayPrinter room opened in Estoria!

Did you know that Estonians discovered a smart way to make paintings with spray paints without needing prior experience?

Did you know that Estonians discovered a smart way to make paintings with spray paints without needing prior experience? SprayPrinter, a start-up company operating in Tartu, the second largest city in Estonia, invented a wireless printer that can print any image from a smartphone to a freely-chosen surface. So, for artwork, you need an app, a suitable image, a SprayPrinter and its attachment to the aerosol paint. Once the above steps have been taken, you can start printing yourself, your cat or the sunset on a wall, shirt, car or cabinet.

The story of SprayPrinter began when a young daughter asked her father to draw a large unicorn on the wall. Mihkel Joala did not know how to draw but he works as a professional inventor. Today, the unique invention has found a lot of fans, and international companies and recreational artists are interested in the new solution.

The cool invention of SprayPrinter is a new success story for smart Estonia. On the day the Estonian Republic regained its independence, 20 August, Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria, the hotel of Estonian design and Estonian stories, was honoured to open the SprayPrinter room. In collaboration with talented designer and textile artist Karl Korsar, a work devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Estonia was spraypainted on the wall of the hotel room. "As Estonia celebrates its 100th anniversary, we look to the future with a hope and positivity. The illustration depicts the complex journey ahead, constantly searching for its true self in a globalised world – yet the colour pallet gives a sense of freshness and optimism. Personally, I wanted to create something that would illustrate an understanding of the past yet focus on the future," says Karl, who has, among other things, designed the fabrics for the Akram Khan Dance Group for the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics, and for the 2017 Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria thanks SprayPrinter with all its heart for sharing their story with the guests of our hotel. We wish success to the team and will continue to celebrate the birth of new works of art! Book accommodation in the Estoria Hotel and hear some of the wonderful stories from this small country!


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