Solo Upstairs - Surprises and professionalism in a wonderful environment

Kaipaatko jotain erilaista, rentoa mutta tarvittaessa eleganttia tilaa, jossa yhdistyy tekniikka ja toimivuus. Seurahuoneella saat inspiroitua upeasta design:sta,nauttia loistavasta palvelusta sekä upeista, lähituottajien laadukkailla raaka-aineilla kruunatuista ruokatuotteista.
Solo Upstairs consists of several spaces that can be combined into a larger whole. You will not find the usual classroom form from us, but you will enjoy a variety of spaces where it is nice to spend time.
Smaller and perhaps more traditional meetings are best done in Coco. The table shape of the space can be changed conveniently. The space is close to the breakfast room, so you can combine a wonderful breakfast with a meeting. Coco has a fixed screen that makes presentations effortless. The space is best suited for events of less than 30 people.
Bellini is the largest of the rooms and can be combined with the elegant space Ella on the same level. Bellini is popular for parties and dinners. Next to the space is a bar that can be opened privately for your use during the party. The space also has a movable screen on the Ella side, so holding a meeting or a bigger event is effortless. Please note that the space is not completely soundproofed. Combined, these two spaces can accommodate 70 people.
Mimosa is closest to the kitchen and is a popular lunch and dinner space. The atmosphere at Mimosa is intense and warm. The room also has a fixed screen to which you can share an image from another room or display your own presentation. Please note that the space is not completely soundproofed. The space can accommodate 50 people.
When the entire Solo upstairs is dressed up for a party and combined into a whole, you can accommodate up to 150 people to celebrate a spectacular event.
Finish your occasion with stunning, well-thought-out food products that taste of passion, quality, locally sourced ingredients and seasonal flavors.
Reservations and additional information:
Sales service, Turku, tel. 030 0870040 (call price 0.51 € / min + local / local time), Mon-Fri 8.30-16.30.
Solo Sokos Hotel Turku Seurahuone / Solo Upstairs 2nd floor
Humalistonkatu 2, Turku