See what the weather is like in Tallinn Old Town at this very moment!

Or send greetings to your loved ones right in the heart of the Old Town - Viru Street. The live-camera on the roof of the Original Sokos Hotel Viru now displays a direct feed from Tallinn Old Town 24 hours a day.

Tallinn, the capital of Estonia is the business card of Estonia and an ancient naval port. The camera shows the shore area, which was a good location for both a harbour and a medieval city.

The Tallinn area has been inhabited for more than 3,500 years, but the first reliable written accounts date back to 1219, when Danish king Valdemar II took the Estonian Lindanise castle and this town, literally called Danish Town (Taanilinn) became a stronghold for the kingdom. At that time, the settlement that was in south and west from the current Old Town moved into the area of the current Old Town, and the layout for the medieval heart of the town was founded.

As the Estonian proverb says, a good child has many names, so has Tallinn been called Lindanise or Linnuseneem, Kolõvan by Russian sources and Kesoniemi by Finns. The Scandinavian sagas called this place either Rafala or Reval, which comes from the old Scandinavian word revel and means a cliff or a bank.  From the 13th century to 1920 the city was officially named Reval and then, as the capital of a young independent state, it finally received its Estonian name, Tallinn, when it prevailed in a competition between Tallinna and Tallinn. The capital only grew from town to city in the second half of the 19th century, when the number of residents first exceeded 100,000 people and the first Estonian mayor took office.

Tallinn, which has also undergone many changes in the 20th century, is a city to be discovered: our webcam shows the roofs of our Old Town, a town that is included in UNESCO World Heritage list, and will happily show you what the weather is like.

The internet connection for the Tallinn webcam is sponsored by Elisa, the stream is distributed by EeNet and the project is supported by IT rotid and Beta Grupp (Omar Neiland). The background sound for the Old Town view is Angel and Wellspring by Villu Veski.