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Safety and hygiene

For us, cleanliness is not only next to Godliness, but is the basis for everything we do. We have paid special attention to hygiene in all stages of our service.

The changed global situation has also raised concern over product safety. We pay special attention to good hygiene in our restaurants, and all contact surfaces are cleaned more frequently than usual. We focus on hygiene matters when preparing, packing and delivering food. We follow the recommendations of the authorities as well as government policies – we take this situation seriously.

What we do

With the service, you can order food to your doorstep without social interaction. You can let us know if you want the delivery to be left outside your door.

We have instructed the personnel of Syökotona restaurant as well as our delivery partners on how to minimise social contact when preparing, packing and delivering food.

Syökotona restaurant

  • We wash our hands with warm water and soap for 30 seconds at regular intervals.
  • We use alcoholic hand disinfectant if washing is not possible.
  • When preparing food, we use protective gloves that are suitable for handling food.
  • We clean our kitchen and restaurant facilities even more efficiently than before.
  • We avoid close social contact during work.
  • We wipe delivery crates between deliveries.
  • Personnel will stay at home if they are ill.
  • We have a separate pickup area in the restaurant, where drivers pick up food for delivery. This way we can minimise the social interaction between restaurant personnel and drivers.
  • We pay more attention to hand hygiene when handling raw materials and packages.
  • We are taking special care that the work wear of our personnel is always clean.

Procedures of our delivery partner

  • They avoid close contacts during work and stay at a safe distance.
  • Social interaction between drivers and customers is minimised in every way possible.
  • Drivers disinfect their hands with an alcohol-based solution when they enter and exit the restaurant.
  • Alcoholic hand disinfectant is also kept in the delivery vehicles.
  • Before the product is delivered to the customer, and the delivery crate opened, the driver disinfects their hands.
  • Paper bags are handed over to customers so that they grab the bag's handles themselves, or the bag is left near the customer's door. Drivers do not touch the handles.
  • All contact surfaces of a delivery vehicle are cleaned several times in a day.
  • No one comes to work if they are ill.
  • They take special care that personnel's work clothes are clean.

We hope our customers do the following:

  • We recommend you request deliveries to be left outside your door. Please let us know about it when making an order.
  • We recommend you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water for 30 seconds before and after receiving a delivery.

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