Restrictions in Break Sokos Hotel Levi's restaurants

Due to changes in local official instructions, new restaurant restrictions apply in Break Sokos Hotel Levit from 12th Jan 2022 onwards.
New restaurant restrictions will take effect in Finland from Wednesday 12th Januare 2022 onwards (currently the restrictions apply untin 31st January 2022). Restaurants are allowed be open until 18:00. In addition, serving of alcoholic beverages is restricted to 17:00 and alcoholic beverages must be consumed latest by 18:00 (any remaining alcoholic beverages will be removed from the tables by 18:00). During these current restrictions we don't require COVID-19 certificate from our customers..
Restaurant Kiisa
- The restaurant closes at 18:00 (opening hours 16:00 - 18:00)
- Room service and take away open until 21:30
- Room service surcharge is not charged 
Coffee House
- opening hours 11:00 - 17:00