Restaurant restrictions at Rosso

Restaurant restrictions are changing from the 12th of January until the 31st of January 2022.

Dear customers,

Due to the changing situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic in Finland there are a set of new restaurant restrictions and these are the effects concerning Rosso Joensuu:

* We are open Mon-Sat from 11am-8pm and Sun 12pm-8pm but only so that from 6pm-8pm we can only sell take away food. Eating inside the restaurant during that time is prohibited. 

* Alcohol can be served until 5pm.

* 75% of our customer places are in use

* We recommend making a table reservation

* We don't demand COVID-19 passport


Please don't come to the restaurant if you are sick. 

Thank you for your understanding! 


You are warmly welcome to Rosso!