Responsibility in Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra

For a few years, Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra has cooperated with a school class from Puistokoulu in Jyväskylä, to improve our responsibility. All in all, responsibility is a matter that is close to the hearts of the people of Alexandra.

Together towards a more responsible life

For a few years, Original Sokos Hotel Alexandra has cooperated with fifth graders from Puistokoulu in Jyväskylä. The class visited our hotel for breakfast during Waste Reduction Week. During the visit, we talked about food waste and, at the end, everyone weighed the amount of food left on their plates.

During the European Waste Reduction Week, we also asked pupils to send us ideas and tips on how to reduce the amount of waste at school and at home. We were glad to receive their tips, and we have introduced their great ideas into our hotel where possible. As a reward for the tips, the pupils were offered lunch at Frans & Sandra.

This autumn, the pupils of the same class (now in grade 6) planted flower bulbs in our kitchen garden and the pots outside the facade. This will definitely bring joy to our hotel guests in springtime.

We are committed to taking environmental wellbeing and responsibility into consideration. Therefore, we have been awarded the international Green Key ecolabel. You can read more about the Green Key environmental programme here.