Radisson Blu Marina Palace awarded sustainable tourism label

Radisson Blu Marina Palace is the first Radisson Blu hotel in Finland to receive a Sustainable Travel Finland label. The hotel met the criteria for the right to use the label as a sign of valuable and long-term efforts in promoting sustainable tourism.

Visit Finland launched the Sustainable Travel Finland programme to promote sustainable tourism in Finland. The companies that receive the label have integrated measures to take account of ecological, social, cultural and economic sustainability in their operations.

Radisson Blu Marina Palace's contributions to sustainable tourism are systematic and long-term.

"Every member of the Marina staff does their best to ensure that we operate responsibly. For example, we minimise waste in every way, sort it correctly, and for the Christmas period we will try to make decorations from recycled materials. We work with SOS Children's Village and collect bread left over from breakfast, dry it and donate it as fodder for horses and sheep.  In addition, we support the Eläinten Hyvinvointiyhdistys Lemmikki animal welfare association by donating dog food. The use of water in our hotel is limited and we turn off the lights from vacant areas, and turn off the power in equipment we do not use", says RDB Marina hotel manager Ulla Lähtevänoja.

The aim of Sustainable Travel Finland and the development programme supporting it is to contribute to sustainable tourism in Finland, to promote Finland in a more unified way as a destination for sustainable tourism, to facilitate the choices made by tourists when making travel decisions, and to establish and increase sustainable cooperation between municipalities and other public actors, regional tourism organisations and businesses.

"It feels especially good to be one of the leaders in sustainable tourism in Finland", says Lähtevänoja.