solo sokos hotel estoria plant growing nanotechnology click&grow

Plant growing in Estoria

In every lounge of Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria hotel there is an innovative high-tech self-irrigating Smart Garden pot system produced by a successful Estonian company Click&Grow.

Various flowers, herbs and vegetables can be grown in such pots without ever having to water or fertilize them. The smart pots have been produced since 2011 and are growing plants thanks to the nanotechnology-based soil with LED lights facilitating the process. The whole process is so automatic that you can forget about caring for the plants for a long while after planting them.

The idea of the creators of Click&Grow is related to the mattresses used at our hotel: just like the material of the mattresses of Estoria was developed at NASA, the idea of the Click&Grow smart pots also comes from NASA who expressed the need for growing plants in the space. Estonian people didn't think too long and simply made it happen.

In four years, Smart Gardens have already become available in 23 countries, including in the USA, Hong Kong, Russia and larger European and Asian countries. And naturally in Estonia, which is where they are made – in Hiiumaa.