Paola Suhonen in Midsommer room - Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti Helsinki Finland

Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti is being renovated, designed by Paola Suhonen

Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti is being renewed during the years 2016-2018. The concept design of the renovation is by Paola Suhonen and Ivana Helsinki.

The iconic hotel, which is located in the center of Helsinki, is moving forward into a new phase, being reshaped into a storytelling hotel that presents Finnish phenomena. The concept design of the renovation is by Paola Suhonen and Ivana Helsinki. The interior decoration is by design bureau KOKO3 Oy (LLC). The hotel is being renovated in phases, reaching completion during 2018.

In the vision of Paola Suhonen, the New Presidentti is an inventive interpretation of the contrasts inmodern-day Finland, the land of both bright summer nights, as well as ground frost and ice. Suhonen's interior decoration concept plays with northern feelings. The Scandinavian and arctic dimensions are allowed to freely mix with the qualities of being Finnish.

"A hotel full of stories and ambience, where Finnishness is combined with exoticism is nowhere to be found, yet. The world is full of design hotels and boutique hotels. Finnish design is on display in many hotels, as a part of their interior decoration. We wanted to create an entirety, where the feeling and story of being Finnish fills the hotel", Says Paola Suhonen.

The hotel room floors feature five different worlds with varied themes. Midsummer, winter storm, silence, enchanted forest and sisu will be featured in different, surprising ways.

"I designed a broad spectrum of moods for Presidentti, because the hotel must be equally interesting for business travelers who have seen it all, tourists visiting Finland, as well as Finnish leisure travelers", Suhonen says, shedding light on the design starting points. "The variety of moods allow for each visit to be experienced differently."

The current interior decoration trends of craftsmanship and authenticity is strongly visible in the new look of Presidentti. In the rooms, decoration pieces designed exclusively for Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti will solely be displayed, such as hand-tufted tapestries and wallpapers which vary the theme. Unique designs will be brought into the general spaces as well, such as the hotel lobby.

"Today's hotel must offer its visitors lasting and strong experiences, both through service and physical framework. Our goal is to create a hotel that leaves strong memories, even becoming a travel destination in itself ", says Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti hotel manager, Hannele Laurila. "With Paola Suhonen's creative input and KOKO3's iron-clad know-how in interior decoration, we believe we can achieve our goal."

The Hotel's new entry floor leads guests into the world of stories. In the lobby, playful combinations of unprocessed wood and copper are on display, and a central catwalk leads you to the meeting floor. The Hotel's own history is shown respect in the renovation. On the meeting floor, even Finnish presidents are shown, led by Urho Kekkonen, who first opened the hotel.

In the basic renovation, lasting about 2.5 years, all 494 hotel rooms will be renewed, in addition to the hallways on the floors, the lobby and meeting rooms, the auditorium and the restaurant. The renovation work will be performed in phases, with the hotel remaining fully operational during the renovation.

The Hotel's renovation work will be performed in four different phases. The hotel will remain normally operational during the renovation. We will provide notification, well in advance, if any spaces will temporarily be unavailable. Noisy work is performed on workdays between 10 a.m.–5 p.m., so as to disturb our guests as little as possible. The renovation work will not be performed at all during evenings or weekends. Respective, active job sites will be sectioned off, so that the guests of the hotel will remain as undisturbed as possible during their stay.