Nature takes over Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel - Helsinki Wildlife by Soosseli exhibition grand opening on May 2019

World renowned nature photographer Ossi Saarinen's unique prints are made available for audiences as Helsinki Wildlife by Soosseli exhibition has its grand opening on May 15th, 2019 at Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel in Helsinki, Finland. You'll have a chance to get up close and personal with 22-year-old Ossi's adorable animal portraits until September 30th, 2019.

What makes the images so alluring is the fact that they've been shot in Helsinki and around different urban areas in southern Finland. Ossi's @soosseli Instagram account has quickly gathered over 165 000 followers. In March Ossi released his first book about the nature photography (Luontokuvia - Opi kuvaamaan eläimiä, Gummerus).

With Helsinki Wildlife By Soosseli exhibition, Radisson Blu Plaza and Ossi Saarinen want to celebrate the uniqueness of Finnish nature. While at the same time encouraging tourists to experience the nature and a variety of delightful species they can encounter without ever leaving the greater Helsinki area.

Eco friendly art and food

While visiting the photo exhibition guests will have a chance to enjoy Ossi's recommended dish, which Chef Simo Räsänen has designed together him.

"We wanted to take the most out of high-quality ingredients produced locally. Ossi's recommended dish consists of seasonal fish and vegetables with wild herbs", Simo Räsänen elaborates.

Sustainability and eco friendliness are the theme that continues with the exhibition too. The gorgeous photographs are printed to wooden canvases in association with Avanto Prints.

"We use local birch as the canvas material to print on as it is ecological and more durable than regular canvas. Each wooden canvas also has living surface making every painting unique" Sami Lensu from Avanto Prints explains the exotic canvas.

"Winning over the animal's trust is an incredible feeling"

Born and raised in Lahti, Ossi Saarinen felt the call of nature already as a kid. While his friends were browsing car magazines, Ossi was studying birds. Photography started as a hobby four years ago.

Ossi's most famous photograph is a cute portrait of four fox cubs, which he was able to capture in May 2017.

"I was on my way to shoot some flowers that spring, but the night had been cold, so the buds never opened that day. On my way home, I saw a fox mother with four pups running across the road disappearing under a barn."

Ossi quietly approached, laid down and remained still for over half an hour. The long wait was rewarded as eventually the baby foxes got the courage to come out, creating one of Ossi's most beautiful pictures yet.

"In animal photography patience is everything. You need to lay down, be still and wait. Winning over the animal's trust is always an incredible feeling. I want to be worthy of that trust and respect the animals and their environment whenever I work."

Ossi's photograph prints to be auctioned

Helsinki Wildlife By Soosseli exhibition is free for everyone at Radisson Blu Plaza's historical restaurant. All the birch-printed photographs will be auctioned out on 30th September 2019. Profits from the auction will be given to SOS Lapsikylä charity foundation for children.