Bistro Manu

Meeting rooms in Presidentti are renovated & Bistro Manu is open!

The meeting rooms in Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti have a new fresh look now. Our masterly Bistro Manu is open!

The refurbishing of Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti is progressing. Most recently, the interior and technology of the conference facilities have been renewed. Bistro Manu, serving its guests with a masterly touch, opened its doors in August.

Sokos Hotel Presidentti is one of Helsinki's largest and most versatile venues for meetings and festivities. Presidentti's 14 conference rooms, Presidentti banquet restaurant, Pub Adjutantti, Bistro Manu, as well as its auditorium and entertainment restaurant, are suitable for many different styles and sizes of occasions.

Alongside the renewal, presidential spirit has been added to the conference facilities in the form of photographs and drawings, as well as in the service products for meetings. The cafeteria has been expanded, audio-visual technology added, and servings revamped. A meeting can be crowned with Presidentti's festive coffee service, comprising several savoury and sweet coffee breads. A new element in the conference facilities is Kultaranta: a beautiful creative space that offers a pleasant gardenlike atmosphere.

"We wanted to bring more of a presidential feel to our legendary building. The hotel was opened in 1980 by our distinguished guests, President of the Republic Urho Kekkonen and Prime Minister Mauno Koivisto. There are many other stories that add to the presidential milieu – for instance, many election nights," general manager Hannele Laurila says.

The hotel's auditorium, seating 370, was renovated last autumn. The premises offer the latest light, sound and audio-visual technology, as well as its convenient location right in the centre of Helsinki. During the Christmas party season of 2017, the auditorium will function as a theatre hall. The programme includes hit songs by Queen, Christmas concerts, interactive theatre and more.


A masterly touch at Bistro Manu

The name of Presidentti's new bistro brings time-honoured virtuosity to mind. Manu was a term once used in Finnish as a title for master craftsmen. Bistro Manu combines straightforward cuisine and a carefully selected beverage range with masterly service in a modern way. The menu is composed of a few classics and complemented by seasonal delicacies. Manu's cabinets – Kuru, seating 10, and Kivi, seating 18 – are appropriate for group meetings, parties and social dining. Bistro Manu is open to the public every day from lunchtime to the evening.

All hotel rooms and corridors on each floor, as well as the lobby, dining restaurant, conference facilities and auditorium are being thoroughly renovated at Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti. The hotel is functioning normally during the renovation project. The renewal will be completed in autumn 2018.