Major restaurant modernisation at Vaakuna in Vaasa is complete!

VENN, Rosso & Kokokana


There is nothing more valuable in life than friends, wine and good food. All of these are combined at the new VENN. You can easily pop in to the charmingly relaxed atmosphere of VENN during your shopping day or enjoy the fun until the night. VENN offers simple and delicious food, charming wines and exhilarating cocktails. Being serious – that's not our thing. Come to VENN and bring your friends, or you can borrow some of ours!

VENN is always available for friends to come and go. We do not accept any table reservations – you can come in at any time and sit down on an empty seat.


Welcome to a never-ending BBQ party!

If only life was a never-ending BBQ party: good food and drinks, friends! A green backyard full of colour and warmth! Glow and giggles! Smells and sparks!

Kokokana is a restaurant specialising in food grilled on an open flame and in a relaxed atmosphere. It offers the best chicken in town and other meat with seasonal side dishes – with great passion and a hot flame. 

Its atmosphere is relaxed and roughly honest, a little homemade, but always fun and genuine.


The new Rosso Vaasa is even more enjoyable than before. We are waiting for you and your company. Taste our pizzas baked in Rosso's genuine pizza oven or enjoy our tasty pastas.

Starting from the end of September, Rosso is located in a new address, the second floor of Rewell Center.

At lunch, we offer tasty pizzas and delicious pastas. We are easy to come to – we would like to invite all shoppers to take a break and enjoy a relaxed Italian atmosphere.