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Major renovations of the meeting and event spaces of Kimmel

The major renovations of the meeting and event spaces have begun in hotel Kimmel in Joensuu. Up to a 1000 people can enjoy a party or have a meeting under the same roof.

Hotel Kimmel in Joensuu is undergoing major renovations: in the autumn up to 1000 people can fit into the new spaces


The renovations of Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel by river Pielisjoki have progressed to the meeting and event spaces. The new nature inspired light and versatile spaces will be finished in autumn 2021.

After the extensive renovations hotel Kimmel will be the most versatile event house in Eastern Finland where you can arrange exhibitions, meetings, seminars as well as occasions and parties. The new spaces are more usable, the technique is modernised and lightness and brightness of the spaces are increased. The main elements in the interior design are nature elements such as wood, stone and fire. In the future Kimmel can offer true modern-day Karelian luxury for up to 1000 guests at a time. 


Versatile spaces from glass cubes to a stage of a car show


There will be a total of 13 meeting spaces. The smallest but sympathetic glass cubes are located next to the Bistro restaurant. The old hotel suite will be transformed into a creative meeting space with a sauna and a room for the host. The glass cubes and the creative space will have equipment for remote meetings for smaller groups. 

The actual meeting wing of the hotel has eight meeting spaces which can be divided into several smaller meeting spaces or into a one big meeting space for up to 600 people. The main occasion space is the Riverside hall, which overlooks river Pielisjoki with the new bigger windows. All spaces combined Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel can fit up to a 1000 people at a time for different meetings and occasions. In the autumn the old restaurant Fransmanni will be transformed into a new bistro restaurant.


"As a new feature you can even open up the wall in the biggest meeting space so you can even drive in with a car", restaurant manager Tero Turunen tells.


Modern meeting technique enables hybrid meetings


Meeting technique will be replaced to meet the requirements of more demanding meetings. The technique will be produced by Avek Esitysratkaisut Oy from Kuopio. The biggest event spaces will have cameras which enable streaming or hybrid meetings to other locations. "A good quality event is made with strong knowledge on production and technique and we will make sure this happens in Kimmel", Jari Pöykiö from Avek tells. 


Events are made with locals


According to the strategy of North Karelian Co-Operative our main partners are local companies. The big pictures on the walls, electricity and constructional planning, building as well as concrete elements are made by local entrepreneurs.


Locality can also be seen in the food served at our meetings and events. "Artesan products are of high interest when it comes to tourists", Turunen tells. "Our menu will have fish from the local area, root vegetable as well as sorbet made from a local drink called Lehtikuohu. As a non-alcoholic drink we will offer Lehtikuohu from KontioMehu and our beer list has local products from Honkavuori brewery. We have come up with theme menus for different occasions which will have a Karelian style buffet with Karelian pies from bakery Sorsa, mushroom salad and fish dishes. 


Bookings are coming in for the autumn


During the past year events have been on hold so there is a need and a demand for meetings, parties and other business related events. Pre-Christmas party season 2021 looks already exceptionally good and some of the weekends are already fully-booked.


"We are confident about the future. Our modern and stylish event spaces combined with our new hotel rooms and Uumen well-being products create a fascinating event hotel", Sales and Tourism Divisional Director Tiina Kanninen from North Karelian Co-Operative tells. 


The new meeting spaces and bistro are finished by mid-September 2021, Riverside hall and glass cubes in October 2021. Bookings can already be made.


The renewing of the event spaces is a part of the total transformation of the entire hotel and North Karelian Co-Operative is investing a total of 19 million euros to it. 



Bookings: Sales Service tel. +358 20 1234 660, sales.karelia@sokoshotels.fi


Meeting and event spaces in the autumn of 2021:


Glass cubes, 4 pcs

Creative space, 1 pcs

Meeting space, 8 pcs, a possibility to combine into a one big space (max 600 people)

Riverside Hall (max. 400 people)

New bistro restaurant (replacing the old Fransmanni)


Original Sokos Hotel Kimmel is the number one event venue located in Sirkkala park, Joensuu by river Pielisjoki. The hotel has 230 rooms, two restaurants, a night club, ballroom/occasion space, 13 meeting spaces and a sauna department. The hotel is undergoing total renovations during 2021. 

The new hotel Kimmel will exude the modern-day Karelian luxury with its well-being services and versatile event spaces. The hotel is operated by North Karelian Co-Operative.