Let's take care of each other

The safety and wellbeing of our customers and personnel is of utmost importance to us. We are doing everything we can to keep the level of safety and hygiene as high as possible in our restaurants and cafés.
Currently, we have placed even more weight on these in our operations. Here are some of the most significant actions we have taken and instructions for ensuring safety for all when visiting our locations. In relation to the COVID-19, we follow the guidelines and recommendations of Finnish authorities and the internal hygiene instructions of our company.
  • We pay extra attention to maintaining an excellent level of hand hygiene and we encourage our customers to join us in this. We have ensured that there is enough hand sanitizer, soap and hand towels in all our facilities.
  • We have increased our cleaning and sanitizing efforts in all operations of our restaurants. We frequently sanitize contact surfaces, such as door handles, tables, feeding chairs and payment terminals.
  • We remind our customers to keep a safe distance between them and other people. Staying at a safe distance helps in ensuring the health of everyone.
  • We recommend paying with a card rather than using cash.
  • Our personnel have been given extensive training in security and safety. We have internal guidelines for operations in exceptional situations.
  • We encourage our personnel to stay at home if they feel even the slightest bit ill.
  • We want to ensure everyone is safe during their visit – please do not visit us if you are experiencing even the slightest flu-like symptoms.
  • In conferences and events, food will be served straight to tables, as take out or as individually packaged products.
  • We have reduced the number of customer seats in our meeting and conference facilities to ensure everyone can keep a safe distance from others. We have also set up additional spaces and implemented staggered meal times where possible.

Let's take care of each other and follow government guidelines to maintain an excellent level hygiene and to ensure safety for us all. Together we can make this a safe and enjoyable summer for everyone – complete with great restaurant experiences!

We will update our operating models and the information above as the coronavirus situation progresses.