Let us cook for you - even in exceptional times

Take away and enjoy!
Exceptional circumstances feel miserable for us too. We want to shoulder our responsibilities by closing the restaurant hall, but we still don't stop cooking in good spirits. We want to help you enjoy everyday life. We can take this over together!
Take away the master's lunch at Bistro Elli from 8 March to 28 March. always on weekdays from 10:30 to 14:00. The normal price of € 12.90 includes a fair portion of salad, fresh bread and main course with side dishes - packed with a smile! Special diets are taken into account. For more delicious days, pizza of the day is also normally available.
In the evening and on weekends we do not serve a la carte dishes. Instead, we make tasty pizzas in Deli. All Deli  products are also available - salads, sandwiches, sweet treats and stuffed baguettes.
Let us make your daily life tasty, at one time you help us over the worst! <3