Jubilee year at the hotel Viru

Jubilee year at the hotel Viru

The legendary Original Sokos Hotel Viru is undoubtedly a Tallinn landmark. The building, which was built as the city's first high rise in 1972 and permanently changed its skyline, hides thousands of stories and legends to look back on during the jubilee year.

Today, the Original Sokos Hotel Viru shines like a bright light in the tourism sky – Britain's respected newspaper, The Telegraph, included the Hotel Viru among Estonia's five best hotels. The hotel's rooms have been updated for the jubilee year and a delicious jubilee offering awaits hotel guests. Viru 45 is intertwined with the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Finland, and the great anniversary celebration will last all year long!


Viru XLV – special jubilee brew

A special brew called Viru XLV is being produced for the Hotel Viru's jubilee year – the strongly citrusy ale was put to ferment by our own people on a full-moon night. The beer is comprised of tastes from around the world, just like the Hotel Viru – a meeting place for cultures. The special taste of the beer is derived from American Citra hops, Estonian water, Belgian barley malt, and it is fermented with British surface fermentation yeast. The Viru XLV special brew is available in limited quantities and only at the Hotel Viru throughout the jubilee year! 

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dACgAPN70Lo

Premiere of The Dissidents
During Hotel Viru's 45th jubilee year, we will take part in The Dissidents, a rousing Estonian adventure comedy. The hotel had the honour of being the film's location and historical milestone. This new film produced by Taska Film and directed by Jaak Kilmi takes the viewers back to the 1980s – behind the Iron Curtain and to the coveted West. The film begins and ends at the legendary Viru hotel. On the evening of February 15th, we hosted the guests of the premiere, and the building was filled until the wee hours of the night with actors, journalists and other adventurers. By the second weekend, The Dissidents had been viewed by 44,814 people, which made it the third most viewed Estonian film of all time. We wish you a jubilee-themed film experience!

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIEtb2cK5fc&t=4s

Coffee with Sofi Oksanen, Valentina Tereshkova and Elizabeth Taylor!
On the occasion of the jubilee year, Margus Tammpere, the chef de cuisine at the Merineitsi, will pay tribute to the most noteworthy female guests that have stayed at the hotel through time – Sofi Oksanen, Valentina Tereshkova and Elizabeth Taylor – by introducing a jubilee delicacy to the menu on Women's Day.
Come have coffee with a celebrity – the handmade citrusy berry tarts can be enjoyed in the Lobby Bar during the jubilee year, or as a take-away to be enjoyed at home.

Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4vsZCGRLbQ8

Photo exhibition of the hotel's employees

In its diversity and colourfulness, the hotel's world is like a reflection of the world as a whole. The centre of this world is the people. All of us are comprised of more than just a job and uniform. Photographer Triin Raa captured our employees, their hobbies and favourite activities with her lens. The photo exhibition is open on the second floor of the Hotel Viru until the end of the year.

Our 250-member team knows about exciting and useful places where you can spend your time in Tallinn, and will gladly share their favourite spots and pastimes with the hotel's guests. Just ask at reception and learn about Tallinn the way the locals see it – Carpe Diem, Carpe Tallinn!

March 17th: Viru 45th Anniversary Celebration series at Amigo: Regatt


April 19th: Opening of The Dissidents photo exhibition
The photos will take the viewers on an adventure to the contradictory worlds of the Soviet Union and the West back in the 1980s with the dissidents – Märt Pius, Karl-Andreas Kalmet and Veiko Porkanen. The exhibition, which includes the best stills and behind-the-scenes photos from the hit Estonian comedy The Dissidents, will be opened in the 2nd floor conference centre of the Hotel Viru and be open until the end of the jubilee year.


April 27th: Viru 45th Anniversary Celebration series at Amigo: Henry Laks and Seitsmes Meel


Documentary Viru. Vabaduse saatkond (Viru. The Embassy of Freedom) on ETV: May 1st
The Hotel Viru is more than just a building – it's a monument and an icon. The film examines the phenomenon as well as the political and symbolic importance of the Viru. We hear from Sofi Oksanen, Maimu Berg, Eva Lille, Kuno Plaan and many other famous people, who talk about the many legends associated with the Viru, which involve politics, prostitution, the KGB, the Viru "businessmen" and, of course, the variety theatre. The interviewees' stories are filled with humanity – they are exciting, tragic, funny and absurd recollections of our common history. The author of the documentary is Margit Kilumets. It was produced by Riina Sildos and directed by Margit Kilumets and Andres Lepasar.

May 5th: The 45th anniversary of the Hotel Viru
May 5th marks the highpoint of the jubilee year. Exactly 45 years ago, the hotel was officially opened and the director, Albert Šokman, formally cut the ribbon, making 516 new hotel rooms available to the city's visitors. After 45 years, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate. Today, the Hotel Viru, along with its sister hotel, the Estoria, welcome almost a quarter million visitors per year!

3:00 p.m. House tours for city residents and guests
As part of the birthday celebration, we look forward to welcoming both the hotel guests and city residents to the hotel. The historical building will be introduced on this memorable day by special people associated with the hotel – Sakari Nupponen, the author of the book Viru hotell ja tema aeg (The Viru Hotel and Its Era) and interior designer Ville Lausmäe. We will visit the updated hotel rooms and the tour will end in the Hotel Viru's famous KGB Museum, with its marvellous view on the 23rd floor.

The number of participants for the house tours is limited, so please register by May 4th at the latest by writing to viru.reservation@sok.fi or calling +372 680 9300. Assembly at 2:30 p.m. in restaurant Merineitsi on the 2nd floor. The birthday tours are free and will be conducted in Estonian and Finnish. They will last about two and half hours.

Anniversary concert with the band Smilers, 5 pm

Viru employees' reunion
On this important day, we are inviting all former and current employees to come to the Hotel Viru!

May 20th: Museum Night at the Hotel Viru KGB Museum
Museum Night is coming again! This year, the "night party" celebrated by museums across Estonia is called "There Are Games in the Night".  The vortex of history has pulled the Hotel Viru into many social and political games. In the KGB Museum we shed some light on this secret "world of games".

Free tours of the KGB Museum on Museum Night (gather in the Hotel Viru reception area):
5:30 pm – in Estonian
7:00 pm – in Russian
8:30 pm – in Estonian

The number of participants for each tour is limited, so please register at viru.reservation@sok.fi , or by calling +372 680 9300, keyword: "muuseumiöö" (Museum Night).

Finland 100 themed rooms and Finland 100 book
During the jubilee year, the Hotel Viru will share the most interesting stories about 100-year-old Finland with its guests and city residents. 11 Finland-themed rooms will be opened on the 18th floor of the hotel, each of which will tell an engaging story about our northern neighbour. The topics cover everything from diplomacy to sports, tourism to music and culture, and from nature to comics. The first room to be unveiled will be dedicated to the Finnish Embassy in Tallinn, which will furnish the room with textiles, furniture and mementos from the Finnish Embassy.

The historical Finnish-Estonian bridge will acquire a new support in the jubilee year. At the initiative of the Hotel Viru, the Finland 100 book will be published, in which famous Finns share their recommendations regarding their most secret and favourite places in Tallinn with the readers.

The Finland 100 themed rooms and Finland 100 book are an official part of the Finland 100 programme. See: http://suomifinland100.fi/project/suomi-100-viru-hotelli-45/ .


June 1st: Opening of the Amarillo summer terrace and the kick-off of the Somersby After Hours events series.
During the summer, the event series will include seven entertaining musical concerts on the following dates: June 6th, June 15th, June 29th, July 13th, July 27th, August 10th and August 24th.

June 10th: The grand Finland 100 jubilee concert in Tallinn on Freedom Square. The event is being organised by the Finnish Embassy and the Finnish Institute.

August 25th: Viru 45th Anniversary Celebration series at Amigo: Justament


September 12th: Stair Climb at the Hotel Viru
Do you like tall buildings? And you like to run for exercise? Then the stair climb is for you. We welcome all sports fans to come and test their athletic abilities at the Hotel Viru Stair Climb. To complete the event, you must run up the stairs to the 22nd floor of the Original Sokos Hotel Viru wearing rescue equipment. In keeping with Finland's 100th anniversary, this year's stair climb will be organised in cooperation with the Finnish Rescue Service.


December 5th: Dinner commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Finland at the Merineitsi Restaurant

Anniversary Celebration series at Amigo: December 9th: Marju Länik

NB! The programme is updated constantly. Stay in touch!