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How to prepare a Roman pizza in less than eight minutes

At Rosso restaurant, Roman pizza takes you on a journey of flavour to the homeland of pizza and its wonderful capital. Finding a real piece of Italy in the middle of Finland must be the best thing you can expect from a pizza. But how is this Roman delicacy prepared, and how quickly?

30 seconds – the dough is in the right shape

The pizza dough is prepared in advance, so it is ready to be shaped as soon as the cook starts working. A skilled pizza cook uses a dough less dense that that used for making a regular pizza and shapes the base into the rectangular form typical of Roman-style pizza in less than half a minute. 

1 minute – toppings, check!

Not all the toppings are added to the pizza at the same time. For instance, to prepare a Pollo Rustica pizza, first you only add the tomato sauce, cheese and chicken.  The rest of the toppings are added only after baking.

7 minutes – the pizza is taken out of the oven

Depending on the oven and the temperature, the pizza is baked for six to eight minutes. In a wood-heated oven, the cook has to turn the pizza around during baking, because the fire burning in the back does not heat the oven evenly. However, a wood-heated oven creates a special charming atmosphere...

7 minutes and 30 seconds ­– the pizza is ready to be enjoyed!

Roman pizza is topped off with the rest of the ingredients, which are added on top of the hot pizza. Pollo Rustica, our example pizza, receives an additional topping of Gorgonzola cheese and melon, as well as a beautiful green veil of herbs. The pizza is served on a wooden platter and ready to be enjoyed. Prego!