Helsinki, Tokyo and Berlin to add to your shoe rack!

Did you know that Estonian-made streetwear shoes are produced between the hills and forests of Võru County?

The design language of the trendy leather sandals is Nordic, where clean and simple lines are combined with playful details. These sandals have quickly taken over the hearts of summer lovers, and there are three models for women and one for men.

The shoe factory was always renowned for its slippers but had the idea to start manufacturing innovative shoes, and the Estonian Design Centre put the factory in touch with young designers Piibe Tomb and Kristiina Nurk. For both artists, this was the first opportunity for them to co-operate with a manufacturing company.

The combined work of the eager women gave birth to the Estonian shoe brand – TOKU – which provides sporty dignified sandals for active city dwellers person, but it also highly values nature and loves to visit festivals during the summer. The comfort of the wearer was the starting point in the design of the models. The creators believe that a TOKU wearer should comfortably manage to walk between several show halls and parks in a single day.


Piibe Tomb is the creator of the Tokyo women's sandals as well as the Helsinki women's and men's shoes. The Berlin model is designed by Kristiina Nurk. The high-quality leather sandals are manufactured at the OmaKing shoe factory in Võru, and TOKU footwear is now in design stores all over Estonia. Recommended by the Estonian design and storytelling hotel Estoria!



OmaKing shoe factory