Have you tried breakfast instead of brunch?

In recent years, having breakfast served as a portion in restaurants has seen an increase in popularity and become as common as eating at a brunch buffet, a long-term favourite. Now, a growing number of restaurants belonging to the S Group offer you the chance to create your own breakfast, which will keep hunger at bay for a long time.

What is it?

Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day, and not without reason. It awakens your body for a new day and gives you strength. In Finland, we are used to eating our morning porridge at home while leafing through the newspaper, but the new fashions coming from the trendiest cities in Europe, such as Berlin or Copenhagen, have inspired more and more people to have breakfast outside the house. In these cities, you can even have breakfast throughout the entire day in cafés that specialise in serving all-day breakfasts.

"In Finland, we are only beginning to get the feeling of this trend, but the demand for breakfast has increased in the last couple of years", says Minna Vainio, the brand manager at Coffee House and Trattoria.

The supply has grown at the same pace, and now there are more and more places that serve breakfast in Finland, too. In addition to the traditional breakfast foods, we now offer trendy delicacies as well, such as raw porridge served at Coffee House.

Where can you get it?

Among other restaurants, the Coffee House cafés have met the growing demand by offering breakfasts that make it easy to create your own meal from a selection of healthy ingredients. You can build a breakfast to your own taste from tasty bread, refreshing coffee, fresh fruit juice and delicious raw porridge, for instance. You can create your own breakfast for €6.90, but if you are less hungry, you can also buy individual products for less.

Who is it for?

For people who want to save time and wake up to a new day outside their own kitchen.

"The advantage of eating out for breakfast is that it is so easy – you don't have to spend time preparing it, and you can even take it away with you", Minna Vainio tells us.

At weekends, breakfast saves those early birds who cannot wait for "late" brunches – or who want lighter refreshment. You can create your own breakfast, and it will cost you less than a heavy brunch meal with a wide selection of foodstuffs.

Why would you like it?

A tasty breakfast offers you simple and healthy luxury for everyday life. It enables you to share a social moment in the morning while having something good to eat.

"It is easy to get together with friends or to have a meeting while enjoying breakfast together. It also gives you a possibility to break the everyday routine during the working week", suggests Vainio.

If you want to make your morning schedule faster, don't skip breakfast – take it away with you!

How to follow the trend:

Coffee House cafés serve breakfast all around Finland every morning until 11 am. Presso cafés also have something to offer early birds, and if you are very hungry, you can fill your stomach really well at the breakfast tables of the Sokos Hotels chain. You don't need to stay overnight in the hotel to have breakfast there.