Gunnar's local producer: Askaisten Prännäri creates coffee with passion

Askaisten Prännäri - a small roastery, with big enthusiasm. Our local producer in Askais works around the clock, with great passion and dedication. Now Askaisten Prännäri's coffee is also available at Gunnar.

A long time ago, steamships cut through the waves, slid in to the Turku archipelago, carrying raw coffee to Askainen.

Local housewives roasted the beans in a coffee roaster on a stove, ground the roasted beans and made coffee in their  pans. The aroma and taste of fresh coffee made them smile. The dark gold was enjoyed to the fullest.
The same traditional idea intrigued and inspired the couple from Askainen: When coffee is roasted nearby and ground fresh, the more satisfying the coffee experience is. The moment of coffee becomes an experience that caresses the senses - not just a cup of hot coffee.
"We had been looking for a so-called roaster for Gunnar for a long time. A roaster for whom quality coffee is a daily refreshing awakening" says restaurant manager Sami Kivirinta from Gunnar.
Anna-Mia and Kimmo's small but iconic coffee roastery, Askaisten Prännäri, can be found in Askais, which is right next to Turku.
The first time they met, was at Askainen Square, with Anna-Mia and Kimmo talking about the coffee and Sami tasting it for the very first time.
"I immediately became convinced that this product should also be available to Gunnar's customers," said Sami Kivirinta.
Askaisten Prännäri, Villnäs Brännare, small roastery, with big enthusiasm. We asked the entrepreneurial couple more about the activities.
"We order coffee beans through the Cafe Imports coffee wholesaler. This way, we ensure compliance with the principles of the coffees origin, ethical production and sustainable development," says Anna-Miia Rinne-Saarinen. "A thorough product development and dedication to roasting good coffee are the basis of our operations," Kimmo Saarinen continues.
Once again, raw coffee in traditional jute sacks regularly arrives to Askainen. Anna-Mia Rinne-Saarinen and Kimmo Saarinen founded the local roastery Askaisten Prännäri Oy Villnäs Brännare Ab in 2019. The enthusiasm is clearly shown in the work they do, where as an entrepreneurial couple they work together as a small, innovative and flexible team that also takes responsibility for the quality and development of the operations. The same enthusiasm and joy of development is also in the Gunnar team.
Anna-Miia and Kimmo send greetings through Gunu: "Hopefully the aromas and flavors of our small roastery will be conveyed to your coffee moment as well." This is also believed by the people of Gunnar, who wish everyone enjoyable coffee moments - Welcome!