Get the best shopping deals from design stores in Helsinki

By staying at Solo Sokos Hotel Torni you'll enjoy at least -10% discount on selected design stores.

Helsinki is an excellent city for shopping.

The areas of Punavuori, Ullanlinna and Kaartinkaupunki offer a great choice of Finnish and international design products such as fashion, jewelry, decoration, accessories, art, and other treasures.  

With the Design District campaign, you will get the best deals by showing your Solo Sokos Hotel Torni's key card in the store while purchasing. 

Spend the night enjoying our unique hotel full of art & design and let our famous restaurant keep you satisfied with high-quality food. Don't forget to visit Ateljee Bar which offers you the spectacular views of Helsinki. 


Stores and discounts

Life Art Oy

10% discount from art graphics 

A wide choice of contemporary Finnish graphic art. 


Toystore Tingeling

10% discount from the normal prices

Specialized in unique wood toys.  


Paja Design

20% discount from normal prices 

Unique handmade jewelry. 



15% discount from suede reindeer leather gloves 

Suede reindeer leather is ethical and ecological. It is waterproof by nature and very as a material it's very long lasting.


She & Style Oy

20% discount per purchase 

Unique clothes, accessories, and shoes.  


Alain Mikli Boutique

10% discount from normal prices 

From constantly renewing collection you will find the top of the eyewear design.  



10% discount from normal prices 

From happy and ethical store, you will find clothes, accessories, jewelry, gifts, nature cosmetics and decor.   



10% discount from Aino's own collection

Unique and happy clothes which will highlight your personality.  



10% discount from vintage glass pieces 

Art, design and decor. 



10% discount from everything 

High-end design jewelry and accessories. Everything is handmade and unique.  


Arela Studio

10% discount from Travel -category  

Simple and high-quality cashmere and cotton clothes. Design focuses on materials, colors and functionality. 


Boutique Armoire

10% discount from normal prices 

Unique, high-quality and feminine clothes for work and festive season. 


Helsinki SecondHand

10% discount from normal prices 

Retro-, design- & vintage furniture from 1950-60. Ceramics, glass and art. 



20% from marking maps 

Old fashion globes, medieval astronomical devices, aged leather, modern maps, games etc. natural science.  


Taiga Colors

15% discount 

Key values are high quality and 100% Finnish work. Taiga Colors patterns include Finnish nature and urban Helsinki themes. 


MadeBy Helsinki

10% discount 

MadeBy Helsinki is a modern marketplace for crafts, design and art. It's not just for shopping: you can enjoy home-made cookies with a hot cup of coffee or tea in our (small) cafeteria. There's even a little corner for seasonal workshops!