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Five reasons why vegan food interests people

Nowadays, the rapidly increasing popularity of vegetarian food can be seen more and more often when you look at what restaurants offer to their customers. Sari Komulainen, the president of the Vegan Society of Finland, tells us why everyone is talking about vegan food.

1 It offers you an environmentally-friendly alternative

As ecological awareness increases, people weigh more than before the consequences on the climate of the food they eat. A delicious vegan meal is an environmentally-friendly choice.

"The impact of meat production on climate change and the treatment of animals are absolutely the biggest reasons why vegetarian food and veganism interest people.  By being a vegetarian, many people also take a position on the availability of food in the world", says the president of the Vegan Society of Finland, Sari Komulainen.

2 It is good for your heart

Investing in the well-being of your own body is a trend that interests more and more eaters. Many people are switching to a lighter diet by eating more vegetables. Vegan food contains hardly any saturated fat, and a diet containing mostly vegetables with a lot of fibre keeps your stomach healthy.

"Vegetables are the best treatment for high cholesterol. You can diminish the risk of cardiovascular disease with the help of a vegan diet. But vegan food can be delicious too – and not always so light!", Komulainen reminds us.

3 Vegan food can be delicious, too

These days, burgers and pizza can be found on a vegan's plate – and many omnivores too try the vegan variations of these familiar dishes. For instance, the falafel steak served by at Rosso restaurants is a great alternative to a traditional burger steak. Judging by consumer feedback, the pulled oats burger at Chico's has more than fulfilled expectations, and next year, there will be a vegan burrito on the menu as well.  At Chico's, the vegan pancake has beaten many other desserts in popularity.  

"The vegan burgers at Chico's are a wonderful example of how restaurants are investing in vegan food. This has been an excellent beginning for their product development. The people of the Vegan Society of Finland cooperate with the chefs at Chico's, and our testing team has tasted the flavours together with them", Komulainen tells us.

4 It tempts you to try something new

Every Finn has surely heard about the global success of "pulled oats". It is worth tasting this new delicacy in a restaurant, because you have to line up for it in food stores. Professional chefs are skilled at combining flavours, and it is easier for people to discover innovative food when they eat in a restaurant. In addition to pulled oats, Chico's also serves a dish made of fava beans.

"Getting to know delicacies from other countries makes people curious to try vegan alternatives.  Not only vegans, but omnivores too eagerly buy pulled oats, fava bean products, tofu, tempeh or seitan. Fewer people have a dogmatic attitude towards food.  Nowadays you are allowed to be flexible at the food table", is how Komulainen describes the increase in popularity of vegan food.

5 Famous role models make it look inspiring

Many celebrities, musicians and politicians speak for vegan food as a means to fight against climate change. Inspiring and encouraging examples make it easier for people to experiment with vegan food. For a food lover of our times, food is not only fuel –enjoying your nourishment has become a stimulating lifestyle.

"Many celebrities, from Beyoncé to Bill Clinton, eat vegan food, and Jenni Haukio, the wife of the President of Finland, speaks for the well-being of animals. Mary Robinson, the former president of Ireland, has brought to the fore the impact of food on climate change, and Dame Patsy Reddy, the new Governor-General of New Zealand, who represents the Queen of England in the country, is a vegan.  There are many inspiring examples for all kinds of eaters, independent of their background", concludes Komulainen.