Extensive design exhibition at Tallinn Art Hall

"Signals from the Periphery" is the most extensive graphic design exhibition in Estonia in the past decade with almost 100 designers participating from 25 different states.

Graphic design is everywhere – from traffic signs and advertising boards to books and websites. The position between art and the advertising world means that a graphic designer has an important role in defining the final method of information broadcasting. But how often do we demand the comfort of an application or look for an artist's touch in an advertising campaign.

The exhibition curated by Elisabeth Klementi and Laura Pappa showcases the newest directions in Estonian and international graphic design, along with the results of the cooperation between designers and other creative fields. In addition to printed works and websites, the exhibition includes installations, video pieces, furniture, industrial design and music. The exhibition remains open until 13 August 2017.



Exhibition "Signals from periphery"

Tallinn Art Hall (located at Vabaduse väljak 6, Tallinn)