Eleri Ojavere, Revenue Manager at Sokos Hotel Tallinn, recommends!

Eleri Ojavere, our Revenue Manager in Tallinn, recommends!

The location of Sokos Hotels in Tallinn is so good that you can quickly get anywhere you want to go and have more time to enjoy your day. Listen to the recommendations of locals and get to know Tallinn!
Tallinn is a green capital and the warm weather invites locals to enjoy nature and the green areas near their homes, and to go on picnics in the parks. Tallinn is nicely compact, so you can always fit in a nice walk when planning your day. "When I head towards the centre after my yoga classes or work, I often decide to walk instead of using public transport," says Eleri. "My best friends live in Kalamaja, I usually go there by foot and grab something tasty with me on the way, so we can all enjoy it later." 
The way from Sokos Hotels to Kalamaja goes through the Old Town and the Toompark Park that surrounds Shnelli pond. This is the largest park in the centre of Tallinn and surprises with is abundance of species and impressively old trees. Did you know that the oldest tree in Tallinn, the Kelch Linden (1680), grows next to the St Nicholas' Church? Information about the green areas in and near Tallinn can be found at www.citynature.eu.
Viru Hotel, which has become a landmark of Tallinn, offers magnificent views of the Old Town and the sea, and the best place to admire them is from the balconies of floor 23 when taking a tour of the KGB Museum in Viru Hotel. Eleri never gets enough of the beautiful views. "I also love the viewing platforms in the Old Town as in addition to the breathtaking views, they remind of my school days when we used to go and sit there when the weather was good. Kohtuotsa is still my favourite," says Eleri, but adds that people who visit the city should also find the Patkuli and Piiskopi viewing platforms and climb to the top of the tower of St Olaf's Church, where you can see the whole Old Town.
If you prefer to avoid heights, Eleri advises you to go to the Pirita beach promenade, which springs back to life every time the weather gets warmer. There are a lot of people jogging, walking dogs or enjoying stroll with their loved ones.  There are ice cream stands on the way, where you can grab something tasty to cool you down. 
Some walks are more romantic than others and a visit to a cosy café makes them even better. Eleri recommends going to Telliskivi, a part of the city where you can stop at a funky bar or restaurant after a walk. Eleri likes cafés that have a nice atmosphere, great service and interior, and where you feel welcome.
Eleri's favourite cafés are August in the Old Town, Björn Espresso Bar in the city centre and café Komeet at Solaris Centre. "Pannkoogimaja has excellent pancakes! The place itself is simple and modest, but the food is great, portions large and prices affordable. It's also easy to get there by tram from the city centre," says Eleri, revealing her secret place to the joy of all pancake lovers. 
Get to know Tallinn the way locals recommend it!