Loistes Christmast lunc is served from 7th of December


Restaurant Loistes traditional Christmas table is served from monday to friday 11:30 am to 3 pm started at 7th of December.

Christamas buffe at Loiste
€59 per person
Kids from 3 years to 12 years €29

Table reservations


Roe Assortment L/G
   Whitefish roe, Rainbow trout roe, Seaweed caviar, Sour cream and Onion
Mustard herring, Sea-buckthorn Herring, Herring with onion and Herring roe L/G
Lime-cured salmon with dill and mustard sauce L/G
Smoked salmon with tartar sauce L/G
Crab terrine with lemon mayonnaise L
Orange-marinated chicken fillet with kumquat compôte L/G
Smoked reindeer and pear tartare L/G
Wild boar pâté L 
Filet of smoked turkey L/G
Red onion Cumberland L/ G
Christmas ham and mustard L/G
Potatoes and melted dill butter L/G
Christmas salad and beetroot dressing L/G
Forest mushroom salad L/G
Green salad L/G
tomato and red onion salad L/G


Lutefisk and Béchamel sauce L
Christmas sausages L/G
Beef brisket and dark cranberry sauce L/G
Rutabaga, carrot and potato casseroles L
plum and peas L/G
Christmas bread L, rye bread L, house bread L and churned butter G


Gingerbread panna cotta and apple compote L/G
Cheeses LL/G and fruits L/G
Chocolate cake and meringue L/G
Bûche de Noël L
Christmas spice cake L
Marmalade L, G