Carefree Christmas - ready-made treats for two!

Restaurant Lempi's carefree Christmas - ready-made treats for two now available to order!

This Christmas treat bag is designed for two at the price of 44€. Order as many bags as you wish!

Reserve and pay your Christmas bag in advance by 19th of December. Reservations can be made here.

Collect your paid bag from restaurant Lempi on the 23rd of December between 10am and 2pm.

Gather your dearest and nearest and enjoy the treats together! 


Christmast treat bag includes: 

Pickled vegetables 100gr (M,G)

Wild mushroom salad 120gr (M,G)

Rosolli salad & cream 200gr (L,G)

Graved salmon (gravlax), crayfish mayonneise 150 gr (M,G)

Traditional Christmas ham & mustard 400gr (L,G)

Pork stew seasoned with cinnamon 300gr (L,G)

Carrot casserole 300gr

Swede casserole 300gr

Traditional date cake 200gr

Marinated plums 200gr