Bistro Manu is open!

Newly opened Bistro Manu in Original Sokos Hotel Presidentti invites you to enjoy a masterly evening!

At Bistro Manu, food and drinks are served with a masterly touch, like in the old days. Once upon a time, the word ‘manu' was used to describe masters–the best craftsmen in their field. Our masterly craftsmanship resides in our soup ladle, our cocktail glasses and on our finely set tables.


Once upon a time, cobblers, tailors and other old-time craftsmen used to go house-to-house sharing their expertise. In addition to getting paid, they were also offered a fine dinner and a place to sleep in the house.


Bistro Manu appeals to modern-day masters and everyday heroes alike. Manu gathers masters of their trades, people like you and me, who enjoy good service, great food and drinks.


Manu's bar serves memorable drinks, microbrewery beers and carefully selected wines. Our kitchen serves burgers, salads, juicy steaks, steamy soups and the fishermen's best catches. Our meat is farmed in Finland; our ice cream is made in Helsinki, and our churned butter at Peltola Cheesery. To pamper the taste buds of our guests International flavours are also used.


Welcome to Bistro Manu for drinks, dinners, desserts, lunches and suppers. The Bistro Manu masters serve you from lunch till late in the evening.


You know what you want. We master how to serve it.