Beware of the design – the new design stores in Tallinn!

Beware of the design – the new design stores in Tallinn!

The catching effect of the design is addictive – new and innovative ideas along with environmentally friendly and trendy products sneak secretly into your soul and peek into your wallet. Discover the newcomers – Tallinn is now richer by two design stores!

On 20 April, Estonian Design House opened its official store in Solaris Centre, where you can find creations from more than 50 Estonian designers, from interior elements and ceramics to clothes and jewellery. The store shelves offer a large range of Reet Aus clothes based on upclycling, you can check out the highly popular Stigo foldable electric scooter by designer Matti Õunapuu, personalised lighting by Tarmo Luisk, contemporary shelves by Jaanus Orgusaar and much more. Everyone will find their favourite!

Tallinn Design House is awaiting visits from design addicts in Rotermann Quarter from 17 May. The store brings together the best of local design world – fashion, jewellery and leather art, design products for home furnishing, an exciting selection for book and art enthusiasts, and various products as gifts. The rooms of the store allow for organising the presentations of collections and products and the hosting of seminars and training courses, workshops and various receptions.

Both design stores are close neighbours to Solo Sokos Hotel Estoria and are located within a 5-minute walk from the hotel. Book your accommodation in the hotel Estoria and shop in style!


The official store of the Estonian Design House (Estonia pst 9, Tallinn)

Tallinn Design House (Rotermanni 14, Tallinn)

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